At Celtic Capital, we:

  • Focus on developing relationships
  • Craft creative, flexible lending solutions with up to an 85% advance rate on accounts receivable,¬†up to 50% on inventory and up to 75% of the forced liquidation value of equipment.
  • Provide access to senior management (the decision-makers) from day one.
  • Require NO financial covenants.
  • Require NO lock boxes.
  • Typically fund within 30 days of receiving an executed proposal.
  • Have the ability to fund the more challenging transactions.

In addition, we have developed Celtic-Link, a very powerful online account management tool that provides our clients:

  • Fast access to financial information.
  • Less paperwork in day-to-day operations.
  • Savings on mailing and staffing expenditures.
  • More time for administrative staff to take on new projects.
  • Key information for quick business decisions.