With a suite of lending products designed to accommodate a diverse range of companies and their financing needs, each of Celtic Capital’s loan products is designed to enhance cash flow. Our lending products include:

Accounts Receivable Financing

To help bridge cash shortfalls, we lend against eligible accounts receivable, including eligible foreign accounts receivable that are backed by insurance.

Inventory Financing

As an additional asset based lending option, we provide capital secured by our clients’ eligible inventory.

Equipment Refinancing

For clients seeking to update their equipment, expand product lines or improve their cash flow, we will refinance loans and/or leases on the company’s capital equipment.

Equipment-Only Financing

For added availability, we make equipment-only loans on existing manufacturing equipment (and/or rolling stock) that are company-owned and housed in its own facility. We typically lend 75% to 80% of the equipment’s forced liquation appraisal.

Capital Expenditures

We provide quick and flexible funding to clients looking to purchase new equipment to meet growth and demand requirements.

In addition to our lending products, Celtic Capital also provides clients with an online portal called Client Access. Accessible by password only, our clients have the ability to view important financial information, upload receivables files and send advance requests via their computers anytime, day or night. All information is secure and privileged.