’08 Recession V. COVID-19 Pandemic

We thought it might be interesting to compare and contrast the ’08 recession to the current COVID-19 pandemic. We found some notable differences:

In ’08, with no credit available in the market, banks tightened up and businesses had trouble finding financing. The government bailed out the banks, but banks didn’t pump much of that money back into the economy. The economy went down, sales went down and the recession ran deep; many companies went under, and others had a slow climb back up.

The pandemic has been very different. For one, banks are healthier and there’s more availability of capital. While banks were bailed out in ’08, this go-round, the government has bailed out businesses through its PPP, ERC and EIDL programs. These programs have led to quite a lot of liquidity in the market making the pandemic a much easier situation from which to recover than the recession. While the Retail sector has been hammered, the Commercial sector has fared much better. Yes, sales have declined but have rebounded much faster than in ’08.

In terms of asset based lending (ABL), the industry fared much better in ’08 than now. During the recession, with no capital availability from banks, ABL was the alternative financing source of choice. During this pandemic, however, with the government pumping money into businesses, the need for ABL has diminished significantly. Banks have hung on to deals they normally would have exited but we believe as they look at year-end results, banks will ramp up the exit process beginning in the second quarter of this year.

When all is said and done, probably the biggest difference between the recession and the pandemic is the availability of capital and liquidity in the market. Economically speaking, the pandemic is the easier situation from which to recover.

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