How Asset Based Lenders Evaluate a Deal

When you need to exit a client and want to refer them to an asset based lender, you might want to relay the following information as it will help …More

President’s Message (July 2018)

I mentioned in my January letter that we had plans to expand in the southeast this year. I’m pleased to report that we brought a new Client Development Officer on …More

Cash Flow Planning

An important tool for small businesses that is often unutilized is cash flow planning. Understanding the cash needs of the business and where cash is coming from is critical to …More

Helping Exiting Clients Determine the Type of Alternative Financing Best for Their Businesses

The Differences Among Asset Based Lending, Factoring and Fintech
After the last recession, even after the economy began to improve, banks were still lending very conservatively. To fill that void, Fintech …More

What Bankers Should Tell Their Clients When Referring Them to an Asset Based Lender

Whether asking a client to exit the bank or if a credit request is not approved, we believe, when referring the relationship to an asset based lender, the direct, honest …More

Equipment-Only Financing

In case you hadn’t heard, Celtic Capital provides equipment-only financing. This is of great benefit to banks, other asset based lenders and factors because if they have a relationship with …More

Getting Back to Bank Financing

Financing Through an Asset Based Lender Instills Discipline in Businesses

Many small businesses (primarily those with less than $30M in revenue) are understaffed or have the wrong staff in their finance …More

2017…What Lies Ahead

With 2016 now in the history books, it’s interesting to look back and see if actual events followed their expected path or not, and then look to 2017 and portend …More

The Clean Sheet of Paper Approach

By Mark Hafner

Have you ever questioned why a particular policy or procedure was in place at your organization, only to hear “we’ve always done it that way”? That is my …More

Providing What Others Can’t Wins the Deal

Last year, Celtic was approached by a company in Oregon that is a co-packer for the food and beverage industry. They had violated financial covenants, had been asked to leave …More

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